Posts from March 2021

Mark 6:30-43: The impossible call – “You give them something to eat”

Jesus asked the impossible of his disciples, when he told them to feed the 5000 themselves.  It was only when the disciples acknowledged that the task was impossible for them that Jesus worked a miracle, and included his disciples In the joy of His work.  Recognising that a task is beyond us can be a prerequisite for God using us for that task.

Luke 16:19-31: The Great Divide

The account of the rich man and Lazarus is very solemn and challenging.  It stresses that here and now is the place and time for us to prepare for eternity. Have you prepared for eternity?

Ezra 10: A Blueprint for Confronting Sin

Sin is not a fun topic to discuss, but it is an important topic. The Bible makes clear that each us has sinned and broken God’s laws. But once we realise that we have broken God’s laws and have sinned against Him, what do we do then? The last chapter of Ezra’s book gives us a wonderful blueprint for dealing with sin the right way. The Jewish people in Ezra’s day had sinned against God, and the way the Ezra…

Ezra 9:1-15: Who is on the Lord’s side?

Sometimes our problems seem to stack on top of each other. No sooner have we finished dealing with one problem, then two or more problems show up and keep piling up. Ezra, the Old Testament prophet, dealt with the same issue. No sooner had he returned with a group of Israelites back to the promised land than he had to deal with some significant problems that kept piling up. But these problems were not simply personal or passing problems but…