Posts from September 2021

Matthew 18:15-35: Confrontation and Forgiveness

How should Christians confront those who have sinned against them? Can a Christian every withhold forgiveness from another person? These important questions are considered in Matthew 18 as Jesus instructs His followers how the church is to act in these challenging circumstances.

Matthew 18:10-14: Guardian Angels, A Lost Verse and a Lost Sheep

This is a fascinating passage. According to some, it teaches the idea that each of us has a guardian angel watching over us. But in most modern translations, it also has a verse missing. Finally, Jesus uses a familiar illustration but with a slightly different point for his hearers. Join us as we find out how these three items fit together.

Matthew 18:5-9: Your Final Destination

How serious is sin? In Matthew 18, Jesus gives us His answer. As He does so, he has some strong words to say about hell and about those who try to deceive and tempt Christians toward sin and away from God in this world. His Words are a sober reminder of what is at stake.

Matthew 18:1-5: Who is the Greatest?

When Jesus tells His disciples that He will soon go to Jerusalem in order to die, they respond in a strange way. Not too long after that, they begin arguing about who will be the greatest in the kingdom that Jesus is setting up. When they ask Him to answer the question for them, Jesus changes the question and teaches them a lesson from a small child. The lesson is not what they expected.