Posts from December 2021

Luke 1:51-53: God’s Wisdom at Christmas

When Mary hears that she will give birth to Jesus, she breaks out in song and praise at the thought. One element of her song is the idea that God’s unique wisdom is shown in what He is doing and how He is doing it. But what about Christmas shows the wisdom of God? The answer goes far beyond the first Christmas to all that came before and all that has come after.

Luke 1:46-55: Making Much of God

When Mary was told that she would give birth to Jesus, how did she respond? Initially, it was with skepticism, but then she responded with rejoicing and giving glory to God. But what was it she was so excited about? Why was she rejoicing? In her song of praise to God, she tells us and it has little to do with the part she would play, but rather it had to do with who God is in His nature.

Matthew 21:23-32: A Question of Authority

Jesus is once again confronted by the religious leaders as they desperately seek to discredit Him. But as they bring a loaded question to Jesus, He knows they do not care about the truthful answer to the question. In His response, He clearly shows that He knows their hearts and He also shows who has the true authority of God.

Matthew 21:18-22: Prophetic Pronouncements and Prayer Promises

During the week of passover, as Jesus and the disciples were walking into the city, Jesus decides to curse and kill a fig tree. Why would He do such a thing, it seems so pointless. Yet, as is always the case, there is a reason for why Jesus chooses to take this action. What he does in this passage pictures what is about to happen as He confronts the religious leaders, so it is an important teaching moment and a…