Posts from March 2022

Nehemiah 9: Remembering and Confessing Sin

How can a person be made right with God? This is a vitally important question because the Bible teaches that all humans are naturally disconnected from God because of our sins and behaviour. But what can be done about such a situation? The Jewish people, in the book of Nehemiah, help us to see the answer to that question. In the process, they will experience  both sorrow and joy, but the experience will allow them to be made right with…

Nehemiah 8: The Re-birth of a Nation

The Bible is arguably the greatest treasure of God’s people, and yet we often take it for granted. The Israelites had been deprived of the word of God for a long time and they were hungry to hear from it. Their attitude and response has much to teach us about how we are to view the Scriptures.

Nehemiah 5:14-7:73: The Necessity of Persistence in Following God

What options does a follower of God have when faced with challenging circumstances? Nehemiah faced many such circumstances. These included attacks on his life, a kidnapping attempt, manipulation, character assassination and false accusations. Yet, he was able to remain strong through it all because of his God. By considering his example, we can learn how to do the same.

Nehemiah 4:1-18: Sins Within and Attacks Without

How does a group of people push forward with God’s work when they are exhausted, discouraged and under threat of violence? Nehemiah had just such a challenge to face as he sought to lead the people in continuing to build the wall around Jerusalem. Through observing how he led, we can learn many lessons about how to respond to the obstacles each of us faces individually as well as the opposition so many churches face today.