Posts from June 2022

Matthew 23:22-39: Woe to the Pharisees (Part 2)

God cares both what we do and the source from which our actions spring. In this passage, Jesus gives further oracles of condemnation for the religious leaders who looked good on the outside but did not love God on the inside. But this was not just a problem for the religious leaders back then, we do not follow God inside and outside like we should either. But Jesus gives us hope and a remedy.

Luke 19:11-26: Parable of the Minas

Before leaving his disciples, Jesus gave them (us) a task to complete before he returns. That is to invest and put to work all he has given us in order to make a spiritual profit for the kingdom of God. Ultimately, we won’t be assessed on the returns we made on the investment or on our accomplishments, instead we will be assessed on our trustworthiness and faithfulness.

2 Kings 5:1-15: The Lord Who Heals

The testimony of a young servant girl led Naaman to submerge his pride, seek healing from God, and eventually put his faith in the God of Israel. Today, many gospel workers seek to bring people to Christ through similar testimonies and by working in healthcare and compassion ministries.

Matthew 23:1-22: Woe to the Pharisees (Part 1)

In what is perhaps the strongest language Jesus ever used in His earthly ministry, He denounces the religious leaders for their hypocrisy. But in doing so, He also clearly explains the difference between Godly and ungodly leadership.