Posts from August 2022

Matthew 26:47-56: The Betrayal of Jesus – Playing into God’s Hands

The Bible tells us that even the worst actions of humanity ultimately play right into God’s hands. When Jesus was betrayed, falsely arrested, snubbed, persecuted and ultimately killed, all of these actions were exactly according to God’s plan. All that happened was for the purpose of fulfilling the Scriptures.

Matthew 26:30-46: History, Predictions, and a Battle for the Ages

How can a person be willing to go through great discomfort, pain and trials with peace? Jesus shows how to do just that as He faced the greatest trial anyone has ever faced. From His actions, we can learn much of God, ourselves and how to respond in even the most challenging situations.

Matthew 26:17-30: The Last Passover and the First Lord’s Supper

With the substitutionary death of Jesus, the Lord’s supper becomes the Christian version of the Jewish Passover. In what Jesus did, He was fulfilling 1400 years of expectations, promises and prophecies. He was also giving the new church community, his followers, a means by which they could remember and respond to the sacrifice He would make for their sins.

Matthew 26:1-16: Plotting and Anointing

In this passage we see two contrasting understandings of who Jesus is and these result in two very different actions toward him. These understandings are representative of how all people view Jesus, in one of these two ways. Which view do you hold?