Posts from January 2023

Acts 17:16-34: Our God is Above All Other Gods

How does Jesus measure up to other religions and other gods? Paul faced that very question when he spoke to a group of Greek philosophers and citizens of Athens. His message has much to commend itself to our own time and situation which point us to Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:1-11: Belong to the Day

Where do you put your peace and security? Paul tells us that there’s a day coming when that will be put to the test; that it’s really about WHO you put your peace and security in that will save you when that day comes. The day is certainly coming, so you have a choice and a potential change to make today.

I Peter 2:11-12 & 4:12-19: Don’t Be Surprised

Christians are told that we should expect the world to not understand us and even to be negatively hostile toward us. But why is that the case and how do we face it properly. Peter’s first epistle gives us the answer and the tools Christians need to face this challenge.

Psalm 46: Is God Your Refuge?

To whom do you run to when the sky seems to be falling and the ground is crumbling beneath your feet? The Psalmist reminds us that all earthly forms of refuge are weak and will one day collapse and give way, but those who make God their refuge and strength will never fall.