Our Team

Our Team

Ernest Chiang

Ernest joined Grace Church in May 2015. He is married to Carmen and they have a son Jake.

Nathan Muse

Nathan Muse joined Grace Church as pastor in July, 2018. Originally from the United States, he has taught for several Bible colleges and was involved in pastoral ministry there from 2008-2016.

Nathan is passionate about pastoring, preaching, and serving the church in a way that is God-centered, Bible-saturated, gospel-driven and grace-motivated.

Nathan and his wife, Kristin, enjoy living in a beautiful city like Sydney with their two boys, Jack & Alistair. When he is not playing with the kids, reading a book or preparing a sermon/lesson for church, he enjoys sports, hiking, theatre, and eating good seafood whenever possible.

Nathan Chang

Nathan is our Ministry Apprentice as part of the MTS (Ministry Training Strategy) program which seeks to multiply gospel workers through ministry apprenticeships.

He is passionate about making disciples of all nations and encouraging Christians to live in light of the gospel, and enjoys long walks on the beach, fairy lights, late night d&m’s, sports and music.

Nathan’s hope is to one day serve God in a full-time capacity potentially as a pastor, missionary, or in a parachurch ministry. If you would like to support Nathan financially please click here.