What to Expect on Sunday

What to Expect on Sunday

Church is on every Sunday at 9am and 3:45pm.

Every week we will look at a short passage of the Bible and consider what God is revealing about Himself in this passage and what are the implications for us. Someone up front will read the passage which will be followed by someone else explaining the passage (for about 20 mins). We will also speak to God in prayer and sing to God in song. You won’t be asked to read anything, sing anything or say anything unless you are comfortable to do so. We are just pleased you have come. Most people dress casually.


During our Sunday 9am service we run Kid’s Church for children aged 3 years old to year 3 which is designed to teach them about Jesus in a way that’s fun and accessible. This is held in the Upstairs Hall of our church building.  In order to provide a safer environment for children, parents will be required to sign-in and sign-out their child when they attend Kid’s Church.


There is no collection at church. Regulars give online. You can make a regular or one off payment here.