Is the Bible Worth Reading Today?

Is the Bible Worth Reading Today?

It seems a bit odd in this day and age to read something as old as the Bible. It was written so long ago that many wonder how reading it in the twenty-first century could ever be of any benefit. But here are a few reasons why all people should consider reading the Bible.

First, it is the most banned and burned book in history. If nothing else, sheer curiosity – as to why such a book would be so harshly rejected – should make us want to pick up a copy and find out what the big deal is. What have so many countries and dictators been afraid of that would cause them to want to eradicate the Bible?

Second, the Bible is also the most printed book in history. Not only have more copies of the Bible been printed than any other book in the history of publishing, but each year the Bible consistently sits atop the best seller list. Additionally, the Bible has been translated into more languages than any other book by far. But why has this book been so widely disseminated and why does it continue to be a best seller almost two thousand years after completion? A good reading will help you answer this question.

Third, the Bible has spawned more books, articles, journals, works of art, magazines, songs, sculptures, dictionaries, handbooks, hymnals and plays than any other book. To say it another way, the Bible has affected more of society and culture than many of us realize. Why not read it and figure out why?

A fourth reason the Bible is worth reading is to see if it is true. It claims that the content can change your life forever. This is a bold claim and one that should not be dismissed lightly. The best way to consider this truth claim is by reading it.

Fifth, the Bible is worth reading, if for not other reason, because it will help you to understand what more than 1.5 billion people in the world believe. Since more than 25% of the world’s population claims to believe what is in the Bible, sitting down and reading a copy would certainly help our cultural and religious awareness.

The ultimate reason to read the Bible, however, is that is claims to point to one person – Jesus Christ. This figure is unparalleled in human history. He claimed what no other religious leader claimed and he spoke like no other religious leader has spoken. His person and message have caused billions to follow Him without any coercion or manipulation. He claimed to be the light of the world and to be God on earth. These claims he proved by many miracles but ultimately by rising from the dead as He predicted. I can personally attest that he changes people’s lives because he changed mine.

So why not read this world-changing book for yourself? You won’t be sorry.