Issue #111

There is one truth that we are learning over and over again in our walk through the book of Judges – when complacency comes into our spiritual walk with the Lord so too does indifference and sin! This is the lesson the Israelites struggled to learn generation after generation. When things go wrong for us, perhaps we need to ask the question – how is our walk with the Lord going? Are we out of fellowship with God? Have we gone our own way and knowingly disobeyed? Not all our difficulties are due to our disobedience, but it is a possibility to consider. We live in a very ‘me centered’ society and it is hard not to be caught up in this. Suddenly our focus on God is lost and we find ourselves in trouble. Our nation is in trouble spiritually. It needs help! You and I have been called to be that help!

A couple of weeks ago I challenged you on the thought of becoming a hero of the faith. I am not sure how many times we need to see it and hear it, but God chooses the most unexpected to be heroes for His cause. We have witnessed this in Judges with Othniel, Ehud, Barak and Deborah. We have examined the Scriptures and we have seen God using shepherds, fishermen, zealots and countless other people, who were just normal average people, for His purposes. Today, we meet yet another example of a most unlikely man who would be chosen to defeat the mighty Midianites. His name is Gideon!

I guess Gideon is just like you and me. The Lord knew that Gideon was afraid and lacked confidence. Yet, the Lord told Gideon he would save Israel from the Midianite oppression. He even called him a ‘mighty warrior’! God told him to ‘go in the strength’. What was this strength? It is knowing that the Lord was with him and was sending him. We can take much comfort from these words. When God calls us to do something, we can be assured that He is with us. We can be doubly sure that He will enable and empower us to do it! Gideon needed to learn this and so do we! There is much to be done in expanding God’s kingdom here in Kogarah and beyond. We need to trust God and allow Him to do His work through us.

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