Issue #115

It certainly has been an interesting walk over the past several weeks learning from the Israelites, especially through their ups and downs. We have met some interesting characters along the way – Deborah, Ehud, Othniel, Gideon, Abimelech and, last week, Jephthah. I guess what we have been learning the most is just how easy it is to become complacent in our walk with the Lord as we come face to face with the myriad of idols out there in the world. I am sure that just like me, you have cringed when you read those terrible words, ‘Again the Israelites did evil in the eyes of the Lord’! What is it with these Israelites? When will they learn?

Today, we meet face to face with a Christian Jew, in Mark Landrum. Maybe he will be able to shed some light on what is it with these Jews. Mark serves with a group called ‘Jews for Jesus’. He believes that Jews are still important to God! He believes that God still loves the Jews! He believes that we too should have more than a passing interest in the Jews, not only of our own nation, but of the world. It will be interesting to hear from him and especially as he unpacks the Scriptures from the book of Leviticus for us. What is it with all these festivals? Why did the Israelites have to perform such strange things? Can we see Jesus in these autumn festivals? It is always special having someone from ‘Jews for Jesus’ sharing with us. We warmly welcome Mark!

God desired to see His people loving Him first and foremost. He loved seeing them serve Him and this same desire continues to this day. Is He delighted in the way you are serving Him? What act of service do you think you can be involved in the life of this church family that God has placed you in? We are part of the body of Christ. We each have a part to play. My job as a pastor is to assist you in serving the Lord and enjoying Him. There are plenty of opportunities for you to use the gift God has given to you, especially for the building up others in our little church family gathered here at Kogarah. If you want to know how you can best serve the Lord then I would be happy to help you.

I do want to take this opportunity to say thank you to the many of you who have served faithfully over this past year in a variety of roles. You have been wonderful! But the task is not over. The journey continues! God has gathered together a team of very different people and gifted people here at Kogarah. Let us see what He can do with us in 2016! Take that step of courage! Step out in faith and sign up to serve today!

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