Issue #120

Do you ever have doubts concerning Jesus? Do you ever wonder that may be you have it all wrong? After all, it is all a bit hard to believe, don’t you think? God creating the cosmos, including the world and everything in it? God coming down in the form of a baby? This baby growing up and going through adolescence without making any mistakes? This teenager growing into a humble carpenter and then becoming a teacher and charismatic figure with thousands following him? This teacher eventually being killed as a common criminal on a cross? And to top it all off, this same man being raised from the dead after three days in a tomb? When you think about it, is it any wonder that we may have doubts! Well, we are not alone!

John the Baptist, as we know him, also had doubts. It is difficult to imagine that this man would have any doubts about Jesus. Think about it for a moment. He was the one who came in from the desert in his colorful attire proclaiming that the long awaited Messiah was coming. He became a cult figure and thousands were challenged by him as he prepared the way for the Messiah to come. He met this Messiah personally and even baptized Him. He said great things about Him. So, after all this, how could John doubt whether Jesus was the Messiah, the promised Christ? Well, he was undergoing some serious challenges in his life– he was imprisoned! Life in prison was harsh. But there was more!

John the Baptist thought that perhaps Jesus had lost His way. Jesus was not doing exactly what John believed that He should be doing. He thought that Jesus would bring an end to Roman rule and usher in new and prosperous times for Israel and its people. Yet, this was not happening and did not seem to interest Jesus. John was concerned, became a little disillusioned and soon doubt set in. What he did with this doubt though is very important. He sent his most trusted friend and disciple to Jesus to ask Him personally whether He was the true Messiah. Now that is important – he went straight to Jesus! And Jesus did not disappoint. He told the disciple exactly what He was doing. Jesus’ leadership was certainly different to what John had expected. Jesus was ministering to not only peoples’ physical needs but their hearts. He was preaching the good news and how humankind could enter into an eternal relationship with God! This was reported back to John to put his doubt at ease. Doubt is not a sin. It helps in our spiritual growth.

If, and when, you have doubts about Jesus being the Messiah, then do what John did – take it to Jesus Himself and ask Him. He may well surprise you with what He reveals! Christmas is all about remembering what God did – He sent His one and only Son to earth. His name is Emmanuelle which means God with us! How exciting for us to remember this today. Happy Christmas brothers and sisters and may you know with great confidence that Jesus is who He says He is! He can be depended on to deliver all that He has promised and even more!
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