Issue #14

I am amazed what people will do to find treasure or special items that they see have great value and must have. The lengths they will go to and the money they are prepared to spend to have these items is staggering. I love Jesus’ parable about the pearl of great price. It is so relevant for us in this 21st century. If only we truly understood what Jesus was trying to teach us! If we do understand and grasp and apply this teaching, then I am certain that there would be great joy in our hearts.

Finding any treasure requires much effort, planning, time and resolve. Nothing of value ever comes easily. Hard work is necessary in nearly all circumstances. So too is gaining wisdom. The Bible reading for today is a great one and is a timely reminder of the importance of seeking and making every effort to find wisdom. To find wisdom requires acceptance of God’s word. It requires you to remember and store up in your mind His commands. It involves listening and it necessitates application. You need to call out for insight and even cry aloud for understanding. It requires you to search for what is hidden from all others.

When you finally find it you will come to the realization that the Lord God is to be feared and revered. You will find knowledge, and above all, you will be given the wisdom in identifying how to apply the knowledge. You will realize that it is only the Lord God who can give you this wisdom, knowledge and understanding. He is the only One who holds the ultimate victory and He will be your shield and guard and He will protect you during this journey of life. So dear friends, let me encourage you to truly seek after godly wisdom and if you do so with courage and perseverance you will find it and have it all the days of your life! See you next week Lord willing!

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