Issue #146

It is not uncommon for each one of us to go through a spiritually dry period. Sometimes difficult events push to a stage of despair and doubt. Life brings with it various twists and turns that often saps our emotional and physical resources. Often we feel all alone where very few people (if any) really understand the struggles we are experiencing. This loneliness even extends to our relationship with our Lord. God seems somehow strangely distant. Anxiety and frustration builds up and life becomes a great challenge to live on a daily basis. Thus spiritual dryness plagues us. It is difficult to escape as we feel that nobody really cares and in particular God. It is like quick sand that gradually pulls us under!

So what do we do when we enter times of spiritual dryness? What do we do when we feel as though we are wandering through the proverbial spiritual desert? It is difficult to return to those green pastures where we once were spiritually full and our walk with the Lord was pure joy. I am aware that some are struggling in this area right now. This is why we thought that spending a month in the Book of Psalms could be a blessing to us. This series titled ‘In Times of Spiritual Dryness – Through the Eyes of David’ is aimed to help us look at how we can find rest, peace and joy once again when the scourge of spiritual dryness comes … and it will come!

We will investigate how King David faced spiritual dryness and how he found rest and joy in the Lord once again. Over the next four weeks we will look at Psalms 31, 34, 68 and 103 through the eyes of David. Pastor Ernest will commence the series today as we find David seeking refuge in the Lord. He realizes just who his Lord is and calls to Him to come and rescue him in his time of peril. I guess right from the start of this Psalm we see David coming to the point of realization that he can only find refuge in God and God alone. He returns to the Lord God who loves him and who protects him … and he does this by faith as he commits his spirit into the hands of the God of truth! This is timely counsel for us all. I trust that you will find encouragement and blessing in this little series.

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