Issue #149

The new ‘Star Trek Beyond’ movie is about to burst on to the cinema screen. My wife can hardly wait! What challenges I must endure!!! I don’t mind sitting with her and watching movies like this as this is plenty of action and, as an action man, I become involved in the movie. Speaking of action, I firmly believe the solution to the problems of spiritual dryness is to become actively involved in serving our Lord. When approaching danger is imminent from an enemy, the Captain of a battleship cries out to his personnel, ‘Everyone to their battle stations!’ Truly, it is time for action unless you want to become the latest statistic of your enemy!

In Psalm 103 we learn about a God whose compassion fails not. David is breathtaking in his summation of who God is and what He has done and continues to do for the people He loves with a passion. In this great Psalm we witness some marvelous truths that should bring great warmth and blessing to your heart.

David provides three solutions to the spiritual dryness we may find ourselves suffering. Firstly, he shares with us his personal solution. It is one of personal praise for God’s unfailing provision and compassion. Secondly, he reminds us that together we should praise the Lord for His forgiveness of our sins and how the Lord Himself hauls us from the pit of sin. Not only this, but how He crowns us with His love and compassion. Thirdly, he strongly suggests that we should acknowledge God’s kingship over us. In this section there are some of the great verses of the Bible that should lift your spirit and remind you just how blessed you are in knowing Him.

I hope and pray that this little series has been helpful to you in overcoming the dry spiritual state that you may find yourself in. I must say to you, and I say this with great respect and love for you, there are no short cuts in maintaining a joyful and alive walk with the Lord. It takes discipline. It takes courage. You need to take action. You need to put in the hard yards. The most important action step you can make is to take your eyes off yourself and your problems, look to God, and cry out to Him for help and then step out in faith in your service of Him. Realize what you have in God. Realize that His compassion and love for you never fails. So praise Him with all your heart and watch the joy return!

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