Issue #15

When planning for overseas travel it is wise to check the Australian Government’s website concerning travel alerts. This is particularly important for backpackers who like to travel in remote and exotic locations. Failure to do so could cause travel disruption and even harm. There are a number of countries and localities that presently have been issued with a ‘do not travel’ or ‘reconsider your need to travel’ warnings. One would be unwise to travel to these places unless very careful travel arrangements have been instituted!

Sometimes we forget that the Christian is also on a journey or expedition. They are traveling on the path called the ‘journey of life’. Our Lord is very keen to ensure that we are traveling in the right direction and on the right path that will lead us to our future destination. That destination is often called the ‘Celestial City’ as spelt out in John Bunyan’s classic ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’. We know it as ‘eternal life’. Just as the Australian Government’s website provides travel warnings to the world traveler, so too does the Bible! It provides timely travel warnings to the Christian who travels on the narrow path that leads to life – life eternal!

Today, in our examination of Proverbs 2: 12-22, we are presented with some interesting travel advice. In a nut shell, we are provided with advice on how to protect ourselves from being misled and abused by evil people on our journey. We are also given advice on how to avoid the attractions of anyone and anything that will cause us to commit both physical and spiritual adultery! The teaching in this section of Scripture is very pertinent to each one of us as we seek to avoid the ‘booby traps’ of the evil one that he strategically sets along this path to life! This set of Proverbs provides us with a clear direction in which to travel. I trust that you will be greatly encouraged by this week’s sermon titled ‘Wisdom Provides Protection and Direction’.

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