Issue #153

One of the great ‘turnoffs’ for the average Australian is when a preacher focuses his teaching on ‘judgement’. There was a great backlash many decades ago when preachers taught on the second coming of Jesus and how that played out. They termed it ‘fire and brimstone’ preaching and it was all too negative and ever so judgmental. People left the church in droves as this cramped their lifestyle. They thought that God was some pariah who will get his delight in destroying all that He has made. So, the church over the past thirty or so years, has been strangely quiet on the teaching of the ‘Day of the Lord’, or more precisely, God’s promised judgement of sinful humanity.

Did you know that there are twenty five Bible verses telling us about the ‘Day of the Lord’? The Old Testament prophets were very clear in their teaching to the Jews that there would be a coming event such as the ‘Day of the Lord’. And the New Testament also provides very clear warnings about this promised Day! Peter, in his second letter, is simply reminding Christians of this coming event. We know this! He tells us to be prepared and not to fall into the trap of thinking that it will not come, as many people have taught and continue to teach. Peter sees it as a ‘sure thing’ and therefore provides very strong counsel for us to live holy and godly lives. He urges us to get ourselves right with the Lord!

The New Testament ‘Day of the Lord’ is simply the time when God will terminate the world as we know it. There have been times in history where God intervened in spectacular ways viz. the great flood, Sodom and Gomorrah just to name two. Peter is referring to a time in the future, not just a single day, when God will commence the destruction of all that is ungodly. Peter talks of fire and it will be a period of time like no other. He also talks about the last days leading up to this cataclysmic event before Jesus will come when no one expects Him. God is not slow in bringing the world to an end as some suggest. We are in a period of grace. So let us be warned and on guard, making every effort to be found spotless, blameless and at peace with God.

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