Issue #159

To My Dear Church Family,

How blessed we are to be part of Christ’s church! I never seem to be able to get over how God has placed us together in His family here at Kogarah. I marvel at Him doing this! Who would have thought it? Such a different group of people and yet we meet for worship every week! It is remarkable what Jesus achieved on the cross at Calvary and how He brought us together to be a body serving Him!

Last weekend was a special weekend in many ways. I saw many of my church family celebrating at a wedding ceremony. That was fun! And the next day we were worshipping the Lord together and that was a great privilege. I so much enjoyed singing songs of praise with you. There is nothing better than standing together in praise of our Lord God! I was challenged by David Chan’s preaching and reminded again of the magnificence of Christ’s church! After church I had a most joyous time in a baptism class with some special young people. And then I enjoyed lunch with some of the young church families and felt an overwhelming love for these people.

I have been a member of a number of churches over the years. I have moved from town to town because of work or service and in each of these towns I have found people who loved the Lord. These people became more than family to me. O how I have been blessed by God’s church throughout my life! People who have impacted my life and taught me so much. How indebted I am to them. It is the same here at Grace Church!

Today we witness four young people testify their allegiance to Jesus through the waters of baptism. They know exactly what has been done for them by Jesus and they desire to respond publicly to God’s amazing love and grace. It has been a joy to sit with Eddie, Hannah, Joseph and Victoria and enjoy fellowship with them. Church … a place where people come together and where the love of God is displayed and practiced … there is no other place like it! Thank you church family for the joy you bring me!

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