Issue #162

Today we come to the end of our current preaching series in 1 Corinthians. It has been an epic journey as we have looked in through the window, so to speak, of life in the early church at Corinth. What we have witnessed has been rather interesting to say the least. We have seen a troubled and somewhat divided church. Yet it is a church that Jesus loved and it is a church that God used for His glory. This brings much encouragement to me!

Our church here at Grace is a church that is not without its problems. It is difficult to be a totally united church with our one focus on bringing glory to God in all that we do. The church is made up of people from different cultural backgrounds, different experiences and that has different desires and expectations. It is almost impossible to be on the same page when it comes to what we believe is important. There are therefore some similarities to the Corinthian church! Yet, we are called to be different! We are called to be a church that has God’s heart with Christ as its head! And we can do this by using our different gifts, talents and skills!

In our text today, Paul seeks to encourage us to be good examples to all those people He has placed in our lives. We are to be a generous people using our resources and finances but most of all our lives. Paul calls us above all to be people who have a heart for the gospel willing to lay down our very lives for others if that what it takes to bring people to Jesus. This is what true love is! We have been given wonderful promises. We know exactly what awaits us when time will be no more. Therefore, we need to be people who not only believe the Bible but are willing to put what we have learned and know into practice. We are called to act out our love for Jesus in real and practical terms. There will be opposition and criticism as we be Jesus to other people. Yet we are called to be on our guard; standing firm in the faith; being men and women of courage, being strong and doing everything in love. Now there is a challenge for us! So with this in mind, let us spur one another on!

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