Issue #168

I often hear Christians say that they are looking forward to meeting the Lord in heaven and hearing the words, “Well done good and faithful servant …” Yes, I am hoping to hear those words too but sometimes I wonder whether the Lord will be pleased with how I have served Him. Too often service is done because of obligation! Too often service is done because it is considered the right thing to do and besides my friends are doing it! Too often the ‘heart’ is missing in service! Quite often service is just ‘going through the motions’. I think you know what I mean. Enthusiasm, excitement and joy are often missing. If this is the reality, I therefore wonder whether those wonderful words of welcome will be directed to me. Yet, God has given us gifts to be used for the building up of His Kingdom. We are very privileged to be chosen as His children and to be called ‘co-workers’ of Christ.
I rarely hear anyone talk about the words Jesus will say to many people who will stand before Him on judgement day. These words are sobering to say the least … “You wicked and lazy servant …” In the parable before us today this is exactly the words Jesus uses for those servants who fail to use their God given gift for the purposes of building His kingdom. This is a very hard hitting teaching indeed. You cannot say we have not been warned! You cannot argue before the Lord that you did not know the consequences of not being prepared for His return. You are really without a plea! All followers of Jesus will be required to give an
account of what they have done with all that God has given them.
Pastor Ernest and I have labored hard at encouraging you all to be involved in kingdom service. This is one of the greatest privileges of all to be serving the Lord and using all that He has given you to bring glory to Him. There is service for you here at Grace Church. We encourage you to sign up for service in 2017. Many of the parables we have been studying are very clear in their message. They call us to be vigilant in our walk with Jesus. They call us to be very serious in realizing just what is at stake. They challenge us to be faithful and hardworking servants of our King! Jason Lee has been given the task of expounding today’s parable of the talents. May we all have ears to hear with today and may we all have hearts ready and eager to respond actively and not passively!