Issue #171

This past week has seen another release of secret Cabinet documents that have been sealed for the past 25 years. The documents reveal the discussions and decisions made by the Cabinet of the then Prime Minister, Paul Keating. One commentator has said that now knowing what was discussed, argued and considered by the Cabinet at that time, now brings greater understanding of why certain decisions were made that has greatly impacted our nation. I think at that time there was much debate and argument about new economic reforms and directions for our nation, as well as the now famous ‘Mabo Case’ (Aboriginal Land Rights). It is useful to have these documents available to help us understand why certain decisions and actions were taken at that time. The book of Lamentations is like this … a document giving some light as to why certain events occurred in Judah’s history.

As we continue on in our study of Lamentations, we witness a very difficult and tragic time for the people of Judah. We witness the destruction of their famous city of Jerusalem and their subsequent exile at the hands of the Babylonians. Was this just an invasion by a ruthless enemy, or was it something far different? I guess for the citizens of Judah they may have thought that it was simply an invasion by the ruthless savages of Babylon. Yet, as time passed, the true reason for this invasion came to light. The prophet Jeremiah was in no doubt as to why Jerusalem and Judah suffered such great hardship. He firmly states that King Nebuchadnezzar was allowed by God to perpetuate such calamity on the nation. In fact, God opened the door for such an invasion due to the sinfulness of His people. They refused to listen! And, if they did listen to prophets like Jeremiah, they failed to act!

Today, Pastor Ernest will help us better understand as to why God displayed such anger at his rebellious and disobedient people. Perhaps we need to become more aware as to who our God is … He is a righteous God … He is also a just God … moreover, He is a God who delivers on His promises … and He has promised that on the ‘Day of the Lord’ justice will come! I am hoping and praying that we all will be prepared for this day when His Kingdom will be established in all its glory! So let us be expectant … watchful … prepared … and ready as that Day comes closer and closer! Yes, it will be wonderful for those who are in Christ but for those outside of Him … well … perhaps the ‘loud cries’ of the people of exiled Judah may bring transformation to their inner most being to see those who are outside of Christ their need for a Saviour in Jesus!

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