Issue #18

If you really want something special then you are normally prepared to do anything to acquire that something. If you are anything like me much of your waking time will be spent thinking about it and researching it. You will share with others what you hope to acquire. You will work hard and save your money. You will be ever so careful in not wasting a dollar so that you can secure that special something as quickly as you can.

I remember the weeks and months leading up to my wedding day. I so much wanted to be with Janet. I was very young but that did not take away the desire I had to spend my time with her. I was so looking forward to establishing a home together and I was prepared to give up just about anything to make that happen. The long months suddenly turned into long weeks and before long it was only a few long days of waiting. That special day could not come quick enough for me! I really loved her and wanted to be with her! I was prepared to give up my independence and freedom to become her husband! Not a day has gone by that I have not thanked the Lord for the grace He gave me to give up my independence and give her my life.

On a more serious note, have you ever hungered after wisdom like this? Have you ever wanted to give up all to receive wisdom? In today’s passage from Proverbs, Solomon advises that wisdom is a must to have in our life. Wisdom is the most precious and most valuable item we can possibly have. And Solomon goes on to say that it will cost us all we have. Godly understanding is the greatest treasure any human being can possibly own. It is costly because of how valuable it is to the one who receives it. All through the Scriptures we are challenged to understand and grasp that our relationship with God costs us. Yes, we are saved by the wonderful grace of God through faith in Jesus! Yes, it is Jesus that has paid the ultimate price for our relationship with God! But we are to surrender all that is important to us to God! And what is more important to us than our very lives! Today we will consider three case studies to assist us to understand what is at stake in the critical pursuit of wisdom!

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