Issue #187

Confidence is defined in the Macquarie Dictionary to mean ‘full trust; belief in the trustworthiness or reliability of a person or thing; certitude or assured expectation’. As Christians, confidence is something we can have in great measure! We never need to lack confidence as we place our trust in God. We can fully trust Him with our lives. He is totally and utterly reliable to deliver on His word and what He has promised. We, therefore, can have incredible certitude when it comes to what awaits us as it is guaranteed … just as we can be assured that the sun will rise tomorrow! Confidence is a quality that can drive us to great heights in the service of Jesus, as well as, sustain us in the not so good times that come with life in this imperfect world we live in.

The section of Paul’s letter under the microscope today is nothing short of breathtaking. For the Christian, what Paul unfolds for us in just twelve verses, is thrilling in the extreme. How can we possibly get our minds around the great truths that he shares with us? How can we possibly understand the incredible position we find ourselves in because of who we are in Christ? It is phenomenal! No matter what happens to you in this life we are told that God works for the good of you. Why? Because He has called you and predestined (predetermined) you to become like His loving Son Jesus … and all before the world was created! In other words, He has chosen you to become one of His adopted sons or daughters. You will be transformed to become just like Jesus through the work of the Holy Spirit in you. Imagine, just for a moment, that in time you will become just like Jesus! Friend, you have been justified and you will be glorified on that day when the Lord Jesus returns to take you home! Staggering!

Knowing these great and awesome truths, what do you now say in response? Paul responds by asking the question: ‘If God is for us, who can be against us?’ After all, in great love and sacrifice He gave up His Son for you so that you could be justified and made righteous. Will He ever allow you to fall into enemy hands? No! He loves you with a costly love! He will never let you go! Your salvation is assured! You will join Jesus as co-heirs in heaven! Nothing in this world; nothing in the spiritual world; absolutely nothing can take you away from the love of God! And this is the confidence you can have right now in living each day of your life and knowing exactly where you are going after this fleeting life on earth … providing of course you have accepted the gift of Jesus and love Him as your Lord and Saviour! Be encouraged; be confident; know that you have been justified; be assured that your salvation is complete; be assured that you will be glorified and join all the saints in glory forever and ever!