Issue #188

In my downtime I have been reading a biography of a young 18 year old man who joined the navy to serve his country in the Second World War. His name is Darby Munro. He was from Byron Bay on the far north coast of NSW. He served as a ‘stoker’ in the engine room of HMAS Perth. It was only a matter of a few months before HMAS Perth was sunk and he was captured and became a Japanese POW. It is a great read and is a narrative of his life. It tells how he survived the sinking and the atrocities of the POW camp. He even survived a second sinking before the war was over! I always find narratives easy to read and follow.

Today, we start a new series in our preaching and study series. We are looking at the Gospel of Luke and in particular how Jesus interacted with various people. It is a narrative and it is a good read and an easy one at that! Luke was a doctor … and you know what doctors are like … they are thorough in their investigations and precise in their research. Luke walked closely with Jesus and thus, he is what we would call an ‘expert witness’. The purpose of this new series is twofold. Firstly, we will see how Jesus cared for and loved those who were in need and those who are hard to love and accept. Secondly, we will witness Jesus’ take on what the gospel really means. I am hoping and praying that we will learn to have greater love, indeed Christlike love, for those who are going through difficult times and are yet to hear the good news of Jesus.

Pastor Ernest will introduce the series to us as we take a look at how Jesus cared about a man who was paralyzed. Jesus was busy teaching and preaching in someone’s home when all of a sudden, a man who was laying on a stretcher, was lowered through the roof! Now that would get your attention! And it got Jesus’ attention. He used this unusual interruption as an objection lesson for those He was teaching. And what a wonderful teaching it turned out to be. In this wonderful account we see Jesus being the true Lord, who did not only have power over sickness, but also had the power to forgive sin. It is interesting to note what Jesus thought was more important! I trust you will enjoy this new series and find it a blessing as you continue to be transformed more into the likeness of Jesus!