Issue #19

It is important to realize that the heavens rejoice when a soul is saved! When we make that decision to accept the gift of salvation through Jesus and ask for forgiveness of our sins and accept Him as our Saviour there is much rejoicing in heaven as well as here within our church family too! It is a momentous occasion – a life once lost but now found in Jesus! Baptism goes hand in hand with  conversion. Baptism is where one who has given their life to Jesus makes a public statement to that effect. They symbolically show their allegiance to Christ through the waters of baptism. They identify with Him in death and in resurrection. It is a significant outcome of one’s commitment to Jesus! Jesus was baptized by John and He commanded that His followers do the same.

I am happy to walk with those who are yet to be baptized. It is interesting to note that in the Scriptures many who came to Jesus were baptized on the same day as their conversion to Christ. I think of the Ethiopian Official, Lydia the dealer in purple goods and the Philippian jailer and his family. Paul was baptized to following his meeting with the risen Lord on the road to Damascus. Baptism classes are designed to assist those who wish to follow the Lord through the waters of baptism in their understanding of what baptism signifies. It is also an ideal opportunity to refresh our understanding of the basic tenets of the Christian faith and the responsibilities that go hand in hand with being a follower of Jesus. The classes run for five weeks.

It is my intention to set aside one Sunday each quarter so as to provide members of our church family with an opportunity to be baptized. Those dates will be noted in the church bulletin as well as the dates for the required attendance at the baptism classes. If you wish to be baptized then please talk to me so that I can walk with you through this special time of announcing to the world your love ofJesus and your allegiance to Him for the rest of your life!

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