Issue #195

I have often thought how difficult it would be to live a life in blindness. I remember as a child that we used to play games where we were blindfolded and how we challenged each other to try and make our way through the house. I also remember when once caving, my helmet light went out and I found myself in total darkness. It was frightening as I did not know which way to move due to the unknown that lay ahead. It must be ever so difficult living a life where you cannot see a living thing as well as taking in the wonder of all that God has created. In fact, it would be tragic to say the least.

Speaking of blindness, and the sadness that comes with it, have you ever thought of the tragedy of spiritual blindness? Sadly, for most people in our community spiritual blindness is the norm. They live day in and day out spiritually blind. They miss out on seeing the wonders of a mighty God! They miss out on all of the great revelations of God’s word that is there for us to savor and enjoy! They miss out on seeing the greatest glory of them all and that is the magnificence of a friendship and relationship with our Creator God through Jesus. Spiritual blindness is absolutely tragic!

If you were blind and heard about a cure for blindness, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to obtain that cure? Of course you would! This morning we consider our last character (in this series) who has an encounter with Jesus … it is a blind man named Bartimaeus. We find him sitting on a dusty road leading from the city of Jericho. He hears the noise of an approaching crowd and inquires the cause of the commotion. On hearing that Jesus was passing by, in faith, Bartimaeus cries out in a loud voice again and again, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” In his call for mercy, Bartimaeus proclaims a great a truth to all in the crowd. He announces that it is Jesus the Messiah who is in their midst. He asks for healing and Jesus obliges. He can now see! It is the same for us when we, in faith, cry out for a cure for our spiritual blindness to see the wonders of the mercy of God … Jesus obliges!