Issue #196

I have had a marvelous four years serving here at Grace! What a joy it has been! How blessed I have been in being your pastor! There are so many precious memories that I take with me. So many precious brothers and sisters who have impacted my life! Thank you dear church family for being a most wonderful church family! How I will miss each one of you!

As this is my last note to you, I thought that I would like to spur you on in your walk and service of the Lord. I want you to know how precious you are to God. I want you to know that He holds you in His hands and that He loves you like no one else on the face of this earth could ever possibly love you. He has called you to be His very own child; to love and to cherish. Not only this, He has called you to be His specially chosen ambassador. He has entrusted to you the greatest truth of them all and that is His desire to see all men, women and children in a right relationship with Him through Jesus. He has opened your eyes to see this amazing act of love and now He desires you to demonstrate this love to others that He brings into your life. How privileged you are to be part of God’s family and team.

Can I encourage you to ask God to give you His love for others? He will gladly answer your prayer! He longs to see His love flowing through you in a myriad of ways to people who need some tender loving care.

Can I encourage you to see past culture and embrace all nations for Christ? As new creations in Christ, we see people differently. There is no difference. We are all sinners in need of a Saviour.

So I say to you one last time … remember to live out the two great commandments … love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbour as yourself! Everything hinges on these! And remember to show this love to all in our community by sharing the greatest love story ever … Jesus!

Go well my brothers and sisters … stand firm for Christ … bring glory to God in all you do!