Issue #197

Moses was a great leader in the history of Israel. He had led God’s people for many years, through some of the toughest times they had ever faced. God did many amazing and wonderful things through him. He was already an old man when he started leading Israel (80 years old!), and after a faithful ministry over 40 years, it was time to hand over the reins to Joshua, a man half his age.

Though I am not quite half the age of Pastor Steve, I feel a bit like Joshua at the moment – having to take on the ministry left behind by a great leader, walking in the footsteps of someone through whom God had done amazing things. It’s a wonderful legacy to inherit! But at the same time it’s a daunting prospect, for I am not the same as Pastor Steve – I don’t have the same gifts and abilities, I lack the experience and wisdom of an older man, and I am at a stage of life where my family requires more of my time and energy.

And yet the task leading the International Congregation has fallen to me. But not to me alone, for I am supported by our fantastic deacons, Grace Group leaders and many others. I don’t know where God will lead us in the days ahead. Joshua’s ministry was vastly different to that of Moses and God used both men in very distinct ways. Whatever happens, I look forward to walking this journey together with you all, confident in the LORD our God who is with us wherever we go.