Issue #198

One of the great things about church is that it is a mix of different people: from different cultures, with different personalities and interests, and at different stages of life. This creates a rich environment in which we build up and enhance one another with what God has taught us.

At Grace International Congregation, there is still much to be done in becoming a multicultural community. But nonetheless, God has blessed us with a diverse range of people across the different age groups. The natural tendency is for us to only hang around people who are similar to us – youth with youth, young families with young families, retirees with retirees. When this happens, we are much poorer for it!

The gospel breaks down all human barriers and unites us as one people. In Christ, there is neither Greek or Jew, slave or free, young or old, but one body with the one faith worshipping the one God. The young need the wisdom and life experience of the old to guide them in their ways. The old need the passion and energy of the young to stop them from becoming weary in their faith.

It’s wonderful to see that this is already happening in some of the Grace Groups, in parts of the youth program, at Kids Club, and informally on numerous occasions. In order to continue to cultivate and nurture this in our church culture, I will use this space every now and then to introduce various members of our congregation so that you might get to know them.

Of course, you could also just talk to them yourself! There’s nothing strange or awkward about going up to someone and saying, “I’ve seen you around, I know you are part of our church, but I don’t know you really well.”

Give it a go today! And let me know how God blesses you through these conversations!