Issue #2

Imagine coming face to face with the Living God! That is what happened to John and it will happen to us too when it comes time for us to stand before Him. It is a serious matter to stand before the Lord and have Him review our life from the time we enter this world to the time we depart!

Today we gain some insight into who is the Sovereign Lord God. John gives us first hand evidence to who He is and what He looks like in His risen and heavenly body. What he saw frightened him and he fell at the feet of the awesome sight of the all-powerful and all-conquering risen Christ! Yet we also see in this most amazing piece of Scripture tenderness and love of the highest order. We see this awesome Sovereign Lord reaching down with love to His precious servant John. O what a scene before us this morning!

It was a most blessed first day of meeting with you last week. I was very touched by the warmth of your welcome and the enthusiasm in which you greeted and welcomed me. I feel very honoured to be your pastor and I take on this role humbly and totally dependent on my Lord and Saviour. I am excited about coming to know each one of you and I have no doubt you will be a blessing to me.

I guess what excites me the most is the joy we will have walking the Christian path together. To be truthful it is not an easy path to walk as young Christian found in John Bunyan’s classic ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’. But I desire to walk it with you. Together, I am sure we will experience great adventures and challenges too! The secret to experience these adventures is that each one of must leave our comfort zones and step out in faith. If we never leave our comfort zones we never really walk in faith!

What a joy we have in studying the Book of Revelation together. It is a book that will really have us on the edge of our seats as we see what is revealed to churches like ours here at Grace CCC. Have we the ears to hear? Have we the eyes to see? Have we the hearts of courage to take what we learn to heart and to apply the truths to our lives and to the life of our church here in Kogarah! I hope and pray so!

Issue #3