Issue #22

Happy New Year!

Who can believe it? Another New Year is here already! 2014 is upon us and it only seems like yesterday to me that we ushered in the new millennium! Fourteen years have now passed since that day! I often wonder how our lives may have changed in these 14 years. I hope we have grown in maturity and I pray that our walk with the Lord too has matured! I hope and pray that each one of us have grown more in dependence on the Lord for all we need and for all the strength and wisdom we need to serve Him.

Many people love to make New Year resolutions. Many people love to make a fresh start and therefore make certain promises to help them have a more successful year! I am hopeless at New Year resolutions. I gave up on them many years ago! I seemed to always fail to live out the resolutions and therefore I became somewhat despondent.

As I read this week’s Psalm of Ascent I began to think about making a New Year’s resolution once again. I thought to myself, why not make a resolution to enjoy the Lord more and to spend more time rejoicing in who I am in Christ! The Psalmist really impressed me with the joy he had in his heart! Too often we seem to be on the ‘treadmill of life’ failing to realize the magnificence of what we have in being a child of God! Too often we become so caught up in the trivialities of life. Too often we seem to forget who we have living in our heart.

Let us together spur each other on at the start of a brand New Year to have joy in our hearts because of what we know and Who we have a relationship with! Let us learn how to rejoice in the Lord at all times because we know where we are going and where our final destination will be – the eternal city of our great Lord God! How blessed we are to have a Saviour called Jesus! Happy New Year!

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