Issue #23

Have you ever cried out for mercy? Have you ever been in a situation where all you wanted was relief from a difficult situation? In Psalm 123 we read of a time where the writer of the Psalm came to such a time in his life. He cries out for mercy and he receives mercy from his only hope and that hope is the Lord God. We have already learned that our strength and help come from the Lord. We have discovered that our joy comes when we reach our final destination and that is in the bosom of our Lord. Let us therefore rejoice as we continue to realize how blessed we are in Christ! Let us never grow weary of realizing who we have as our God and what He has done and continues to do for us!

He is our provider. He is our deliverer. He is our rock. He is our Father. How blessed we are! Knowing all that we know about our God should lead us to a greater dependency on Him. Why should we run anywhere else when troubles come our way? Why don’t we shout for joy more often and tell the world of exactly who brings us so much joy? Perhaps it is just forgetfulness. Perhaps it is just laziness. Whatever it may be I believe that it is time for each one of us to reassess who we actually are in Christ and what flows from this relationship.

The Psalms of Ascent are a wonderful reminder to us in whom we trust and out of this trust the tremendous blessings that flow to us. My prayer is that for each one of us we will place every aspect of our lives under the Lordship of our Saviour and King. My prayer is that we will also truly understand the joy that we can have as we serve our King and His family. How blessed to be counted as a child of God!

Mission Unstoppable!

I have been at a conference all week that has had as its major emphasis on how the church must be a ‘missional’ church if it is to truly reflect the church that has Christ as its head! We have walked much in the Old Testament and especially through the Book of Exodus. We were confronted with a God who longed for His people to bring other nations to Him. It has always been His intention that He become the God of all nations. The Jews failed in fulfilling the calling God placed on them. Sadly, they wanted Him all to themselves! They failed to show His love and power to other nations by walking with Him and allowing Him to lead them and be their God. A Question …. Are we at Grace CCC a true ‘missional’ church with a heart for the lost? Our next study series is aimed at helping us to be an active player in the proclamation of the gospel to the nations. I hope and pray that you will join our new study series titled Mission Unstoppable.

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