Issue #25

Are you assured of your salvation? Is it possible to be assured beyond any measure of doubt that you will receive eternal life upon your passing from this life? Do you really believe that you have eternal security? How you answer these questions will have a big impact on how you will live your life in the years the Lord has given you to live. There are so many blessing that come with having this assurance of salvation. For me the greatest blessing is peace – a peace that passes all understanding – a peace that provides me tranquility and serenity and a peace with God that brings with it incredible joy!

Today’s Psalm of Ascent is another classic for us to enjoy and be greatly blessed by. It is a Psalm that spells out to us the joy that flows from trusting in the Lord. We are told that there is great security to be had by trusting the Lord. We are likened to Mount Zion and how it can never be shaken! We are reminded that the Lord God Himself surrounds and protects those who trust in Him! O how blessed it is to be surrounded by God, protected by Him and be guaranteed that this security will last forever!

However, there is also much responsibility required of those who know exactly where they are going after they breathe their last! The Psalmist gives us a timely reminder of the importance of walking the path of righteousness lest we become tempted by those unrighteous people who live lives of self-indulgence, selfishness and in total dependence on themselves. They seem to live with impunity and this may become attractive to some of us. But beware! Their time is limited and God will banish them to an eternity without Him!

There is much in this Psalm that is balm for the soul! I hope you have enjoyed our short series in the Psalms of Ascent and have learned how wonderful it is to have a God who loves His people and who fights for them as He continues to build His kingdom of righteousness!

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