Issue #34

Today we visit Ephesus and take a look into a most significant time in the growth of the church in this strategic and important coastal city. We continue on in our postcard theme as we learn of four significant events in Paul’s visit to this city. Acts 18-21 is a great read as we see God at work in planting His church and how it impacted the various communities. Of course, Paul and his small team were responsible for the planting and growth of Christ’s church but it is interesting to learn how the people reacted and what important lessons are there for us to learn from this experience.

I have highlighted four matters worthy of attention from our visit to Ephesus. They include the necessity to have Jesus as Lord and Saviour prior to receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit; how preaching the word of God was paramount in the transforming of people’s lives and how miracles were used to demonstrate the power of Jesus’ name; how transformed communities can cause change in the evil aspects of commerce although it will bring opposition; and how Paul truly loved the church and its leaders!

Luke’s narrative is filled with colour and humour as we see God’s unstoppable mission growing and impacting the world! As we look at this postcard today, I am hoping that we may each take a good hard look at how we are travelling in our walk with God. Are we taking the teaching and warnings of God’s word seriously? Are our motives, character, lifestyle and plans aligning with what we are learning from God’s word? And there are important questions for me as your pastor – am I being a faithful pastor of God’s people here at Grace CCC? Am I shepherding you with love, tenderness and leading you to be faithful servants of the King?

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