Issue #50

Today I desire to challenge you with four realities.

The first reality is the awareness that the state of our world is one of gloom! Just listen to the media and witness what is happening around the world today and you will scratch your and realize how sad a world we live in.

The second reality is that the human ‘outside of Christ’ has a life that is spiritually dead, enslaved to sin and worldliness and under condemnation from a Holy God.

The third reality is altogether different and amazing. The reality for those humans who are ‘in Christ’ are that they are blessed by God’s love, mercy and grace!

The final reality is that those who are ’in Christ’ are His workmanship and that God has prepared good works for them to do for His glory.

I hope and pray that the Holy Spirit will open your mind to these realities and bring great joy to your soul! How blessed we are who are ‘in Christ Jesus’! Is this you?

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