Issue #51

I have been deep in thought this past week as I have reflected on Paul’s teaching for today. He talks of a new humanity and a coming together of the people of the world. As I listen to the daily news, read the online newspapers and watch graphic images on my television I am thinking how can unity amongst the varying people groups of the world be a reality. It seems to me that evil continues to reign around the globe with an ever increasing ferocity. As I write this note, I have just read a report coming from China in how a mega-church building has been destroyed by Communistic atheist government officials. The officials are trying to prevent the growth of Christianity within China. The world seems to be doing all it can to sow discord, chaos and tragedy!

Yet it could be so different and this is what Paul seeks to bring our attention to in Ephesians 2:11-22. He reminds us of the alienation we once had from God and His chosen people. This is quite a remarkable passage of Scripture in so many ways. It provides us snapshots of God’s intention for a new humanity and His amazing plan for His new community. This new community is staggeringly different to the divisive communities we witness in our world!

One point that Paul makes clear is that we are no longer foreigners or aliens when it comes to God’s family. He says that we are now fellow citizens with God’s people and members of His household. Of course, with citizenship comes great privileges and blessings. Citizenship also brings with it responsibilities and in this household it is inclusive of all people no matter social status, race, colour, language, gender or age. This new household is represented here on earth by God’s church under the headship of Christ Himself! Today’s church, our church, should be a model of human community, a family of reconciled brothers and sisters who love the Father and love each other. This is a powerful demonstration to the world that we who are ‘in Christ’ have overcome deep divides and have become a loving family who are eager to welcome all and sundry into our midst for the cause of Christ! Let us pray that Grace CCC will be such a church for the glory of God!

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