Issue #59

Today we finish our walk through Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus. Just prior to giving his personal greetings to some dear friends he gives one final plea to his readers. It is a plea for prayer!

Why prayer? Why is Paul so adamant that we must become a people of prayer? I think that he is trying to persuade us that the spiritual battle is very real. He has just prepared us for the battle in outlining the armory that must be worn and used if we are to survive and win the battle. he has clearly indicated who the enemy is and it is quite sobering to say the least. It is not with other humans (flesh and blood) but with the supernatural powers that inhabit dark world in which we live. The enemy is fierce, cunning and powerful. But our God is more powerful!

We have learned so much through Paul’s teaching over the past three months. Knowing who we are in Christ is wonderful. Knowing that we have been adopted as God’s very own children is incredible. Knowing that we are part of Christ’s body, been given spiritual gifts, talents and skills for building one another up in the Lord is humbling. Knowing that by coming together from different cultures, nations and groups to worship God in the name of Jesus demonstrates God’s wisdom and power is mind blowing! Knowing that we are now targets of Satan himself is sobering!

The spiritual armour we are to wear is completed when we pray. When we are in communion with God through prayer for some strange reason makes us strong! Paul knew his limitations. Paul knew his enemy. He asked for prayer. He asked that his fellow brothers and sisters would pray for him to have courage and for the words to use when he shared his love of Jesus. Surely it is the same for you and me. Let us then be committed to prayer – praying for one another as together we build God’s kingdom amongst the nations of the world starting here at Kogarah!

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