Issue #60

I have been watching with great concern at the march of ISIL through Northern Iraq and now Syria. This barbaric mob is intent on creating a new state or kingdom in the name of Islam. It is based on unmitigated terror and all who stand in their way are slaughtered in the most horrific of ways. It seems that history continues to repeat itself time and time again. Sadly, mankind never learns from the mistakes it has made countless times down through the centuries. We humans seem intent to build kingdoms with little regard to the Kingdom our Creator God has made with Jesus as its Sovereign.

The Bible has so much to teach us about man’s futility in trying to create his own kingdoms. The record of history in 1 and 2 Kings covers a period of over 400 years of the Hebrew monarchy. It commences at the time the kingdom is handed over from Israel’s greatest king, David, and concludes at the time of its final destruction. The authors condense this history down to about 50000 words.

They are therefore very selective in what they want us to learn from this sad historical record. Or, perhaps this is a God-authorized version of how we should view this time in history. So why study this historical narrative? Simple really – we have failed to learn from the forebears of our faith! Today we learn from Prince Adonijah’s attempt of a coup d’état in seeking to take control of the Hebrew kingdom. Adonijah had all that was needed to be the next king. The text tells us that he was very handsome, a prince, had conviction, and had support from two powerful men in Joab (the military Chief of Staff) and Abiathar (one of the two high priests). He seemed just right to be king! But … this was not God’s will!

How often do we think we can become king of our own lives because we think we are just right for the job? Tragically sometimes we have a brain malfunction and forget that as a Christian Jesus is our Lord and King! He paid a high price to save us from our sin and become Saviour and Lord! He took up residency in our heart and mind and is to be the ruler of our life. But is He? Let us learn from 1 Kings!

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