Issue #61

I am writing to let you know how encouraged I am by you’re faithfulness in serving the Lord. It is such a blessing to see how our little church family is growing spiritually and becoming a larger family. It has been special welcoming new brothers and sisters to our family over the past year. I watch with joy as many of you serve others in the life of our church in a number of ways. Truly it is a blessing bring your pastor.

I must admit that there are times when I feel our of my depth and wonder why the Lord has called me to be the pastor of our International Congregation here at Kogarah. I am so blessed to have people who love Jesus first and foremost and who are in positions of leadership. There are times when we go through difficult times and it is such a blessing being able to do this as a loving and caring church family. The Lord is ever so good to us!

Our journey into 1 Kings is an interesting one. The Lord has been impressing upon me the need to ensure that He is number one in my life. This is challenging! I realise that there may be a number of other issues that we could take on board in this first chapter of 1 Kings but the matter of who rules our life is of major significance. Adonijah is a great example in how he rules his life with little regards to the Lord. In contrast to Adonijah, we have the example of Nathan and Bathsheba who made a stand for the cause of God’s Kingdom and changed Israel’s destiny.

We must always check to see who is really ruling our lives. There are so many competitors that desire to rule! Firstly we need to look no further than to ourselves. The lust for power to rule seems to be inbuilt in us! Then there could be family, study, work, sport, hobbies, music, financial gain and the list goes on all wanting to take over running your life. My task as your pastor is to encourage you to love the Lord your God with all your strength, soul, heart and mind through your relationship with Jesus. And then to live one another add you love yourself. Be mindful of who you allow to rule your life as King!

Be blessed dear family!

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