Issue #6

Are you a slow learner like me when it comes to the matter of holiness? As the years roll by I often wonder when will I ever learn when it comes to sin! It is …. such a struggle in so many ways! I think I am mature! I think I have self-control! I think that because I am a pastor the struggle with sin should be so much easier to beat! But sadly time and time again I fail and I have to pick myself up and be thankful that I have such a forgiving Saviour.

One thing that I have learned though is that my struggle with sin often occurs when I start skipping the daily disciplines required of a follower of Jesus. I begin to allow the thoughts of the world into my mind and suddenly there is a softening to what God’s word teaches. In today’s world the Bible is being ridiculed because of its hard stance on a host of sins and in particular ones concerning sexuality. It is hard not to be affected by all you hear and see and to have your values and standards lowered!

However, there are consequences to the softening of our minds to the teachings and requirements of God’s word. Today’s letter to the church at Thyatira is a sobering one to say the least! Jesus speaks of a prophetess named Jezebel and her impact on the lives of people in the church. Jezebel misled the Christians and softened their hearts to matters of holiness in regards to sexuality and other spiritual matters. She encouraged them to spiritual infidelity. There is much for us to learn today in realizing the incredible dangers to softening our minds to God’s teaching and commands. However, there can be victory over this ‘Jezebel’ type spirit that will confront us regularly. And as we gain victory there are some amazing rewards awaiting us that will blow your mind! Be encouraged!

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