Issue #65

Our church theme is Reaching In to Reach Out. All that we have been studying and learning about throughout the year is to help us realise who we are in Christ and who we have as our God. Earlier in the week I was reflecting on our journey thus far in our preaching and teaching series. We started the year in the Psalms of Ascent and were encouraged in how the pilgrims ascended to Jerusalem to worship God at the Temple and how they looked to the Lord God for His protection and provision. We then investigated the life of Jonah and was challenged by God’s sovereignty in action with a disobedient prophet. I particularly found our study in Ephesians very special. To be reminded of who we are in Christ was once again a great blessing. I continue to be overwhelmed at how I have been blessed with every spiritual blessing! All this because of God’s great love, mercy and kindness!

And now we are in the book of 1 Kings learning about how great the God of the Jews is – our God! I have again been blown away by how God chooses, blesses and equips His people for service. Last Sunday I was encouraged by the truth that when God promises He delivers – He never fails. Today we investigate a great spiritual doctrine and that is the sovereignty of God. Yes God is sovereign and He still rules and is in control. Today we witness God’s sovereignty on display in the lives of three kings – David, Hiram of Tyre and Solomon. We also see His sovereign rule in the lives of a nation as they prepare and commence a massive building program.

With all the knowledge we have gathered this year surely we are well prepared to ‘reach in’ so that we can ‘reach out’ by serving others. This is the purpose of studying God’s word. What we learn must be put into action. We have been, and are continuing to be, equipped for the purpose of establishing and growing God’s kingdom here in Kogarah. We do this by serving others! I am ever so humbled to realise that God would choose me to serve others for His glory. I trust you too realise the great privilege you have in being a servant of the King of Kings to reach out to others for the glory of God!

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