Issue #66

Ever heard of ‘tunnel vision’? Tunnel vision is an eye complaint where peripheral sight is lost. All you have is a central field of vision. The term ‘tunnel vision’ is also applied to people who can only think, act or concentrate in one way or one direction. Some are very narrow in their thinking and the way they do things. Tunnel vision has its pros and cons. At its best it helps us focus directly on a particular task and at its worst it locks us into believing that there is only one way to think, behave or do certain tasks. Sometimes we miss out on the joys of seeing and experiencing great blessings and joys that diversity can bring us.

There are times when we are involved in major projects. Life is like this. There are a myriad of major tasks or projects that will occupy our thoughts, require much energy and time. This is quite normal. But sometimes these major projects and tasks take us away from what is really important and sometimes we forget the purpose behind these projects. As Christians, God gives us abilities, skills, talents and even gifts to do these special projects. If He is sovereign, He is the one that opens doors for us to serve Him in the workplace, the home, school, university and the local church. Our task, as people who are in Christ, is to glorify the Lord in all we do! This is the real purpose behind all we do and I mean everything!

Today we see in our Bible reading that the long awaited construction of the Temple and King Solomon’s palace commence. It is an awesome project. All Israel has some involvement in this project. Adjoining nations are involved too as we learned last Sunday. What is noteworthy in our text today is yet another reminder for King Solomon to remember what is of utmost importance. Yes, he may be building a great building to honour God. Yes, he may be focused and have tunnel vision in giving his all to this project that God has given him to do specifically. But God reminds him yet again not to forget to observe His laws, walk in them and obey them. God wants to make sure that He would always be Israel’s supreme Ruler and Sovereign Lord!

How quickly we forget in the midst of increasing ‘busyness’ of remembering our first love by ensuring Jesus remains in His rightful place in our lives – number one – where we are fully devoted to Him in worship and service! Let us take this reminder seriously today – do not forget the Lord despite your busyness!

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