Issue #69

The year is fast coming to a close! Where has it gone? Yet as I look back over the year I have witnessed God at work in the life of our church. In many ways it has been a year of blessing as we have seen our little church grow and have been blessed with new family members for us to come to know and love. We have seen many answered prayers as we have watched God at work in the lives of our church family. So all praise must go to Him! He is so faithful and ever so wonderful.

I realize too that many in our church family have served faithfully in a number of ministry areas. Great things happen when we move from being spectators to being active in the service of the head of our church – Jesus! I have been greatly blessed as a pastor to have such a wonderful team serving with me. Our deacons – Julian, David, Andy and Ivan have been a great support to me – how blessed I am to have these men in the trenches with me. Then there is the English Working Committee that consisted of not only the deacons but also Roy, Hong Seng, Peter, Christyann, Susie, Grace, Elaine and Jeff. They were faithful in working through the business that keeps a church moving forward.

Then there were our faithful team of Grace Group leaders who sought to encourage our church family in the study of God’s word. Brett, Wilbert, Hong Seng, Susie, Ivan, David, Roy and Jeff led the groups with love and were able to allow others the privilege of leading Bible study from time to time. Our youth group leaders in Andrew, Elaine, Jaffe, Vicky and Keely were such a blessing to our youth in their enthusiasm for them to know Jesus. And what about our wonderful team of children’s workers led by Andy, Joan and Alice. Who can forget the great blessing we had through Kid’s Holiday Club led by Eric, Enoch and Grace? We have such a great team for reaching out to our children! And let us not forget the ministry of Peggy in Baby Grace!


I am very thankful to the ministry of Sam Koh in heading up our music ministry this year. Together with a team of very capable musicians and singers we have been blessed with some great times of worship in song each Sunday. The hard work of our CDT team under the leadership of Janice has been fantastic. Karmen, Christyann, Cheryl, Angela, Joshua and Rachel all served faithfully in making our church known through advertising and so on. We certainly have an amazing team serving together …. the welcomers, the multi-media team, those who provided morning teas, those who met together for prayer in the Upper Room, the librarians in Matthew and Brett, Lucy in our women’s ministry and Rhy in the men’s …. the list goes on. Church is all about team work and I, as your pastor, am so blessed to have you all serving alongside me. I thank the Lord for you all and thanks for being a blessing to me throughout this year!

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