Issue #80

Today’s sermon title is a good one. With all we know, and with all that we have learned about the greatness of God and the countless blessings we have been graciously given, then what is stopping us from stepping out in faith and living victorious lives for Jesus? With the Holy Spirit living in us and providing us with power to do God’s will, what is holding us back I guess if we were truthful with one another it probably is either a lack of faith or just simple disobedience! We have it all, and we have been given a great example of very inexperienced young Christians who lived out their newfound faith and made a huge difference to their community and to their nation and beyond.

Last week we looked at the term ‘the rubber hits the road’. In other words, ‘it is time for action’. It is time for us to leave our mark on the world as disciples of Jesus. This past week Jan and I have had missionaries from Japan staying with us. They have spent almost 30 years in ministry at various locations around this great nation. To be truthful, they are humble people and nothing out of the ordinary. But they have been faithful. They have shared with us how their little church of no more than 30 are reaching out with the gospel of Jesus to their community. It is hard work with little to show for their efforts. But they hand out 1000 Bibles every year. They run English classes, English cafes, cooking days, special Christmas concerts and also Bible studies with non-Christians. I was humbled! At the faithfulness of these people where it is so difficult being a Christian.

I am amazed at what God can do with ordinary people who simply say ‘yes’ to Jesus. This is what we have been learning about the Thessalonian Christians. They said yes to Jesus and then stepped up to the plate, trusted Him and reached out to their community. So, I ask myself the question, ‘What are you waiting for?” God has brought the nations to live in close proximity to our church. We have the Holy Spirit living inside of us. We have the words of eternal life. We have gifts, talents and skills given by God to be builders of His kingdom. We are blessed in knowing who we are in Christ! Maybe we need to deal with the busyness that constrains us to be what we should be doing! Let us step out in faith in new and exciting ways as God uses us for His glory in this community of Kogarah! Now this is exciting!

Are you willing?

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