Issue #84

It certainly is a special day today as we remember the resurrection of Jesus. This means so much to the Christian. As Paul said so well, “Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?” The promise of resurrection for each of us is very real and something for us to cling to when difficulties come our way. It is a truth that one day we too will be resurrected to be in the company of Jesus and His Father as well as all the saints.

I have been thinking what it must have been like being one of Jesus’ disciples following His death on the cross. I have tried to put myself there on the day as Jesus entered Jerusalem to a triumphant reception. I am sure that I would have been caught up in the emotion and excitement of that moment. I would have been excitedly thinking that the time had finally come when the Messiah would take control and lead His people to victory over the Roman oppressors. But then, in a matter of days, this euphoria had been replaced by the horror of witnessing the Messiah being nailed to cross and dying. His lifeless body was now locked away in a tomb for eternity.

I probably would have been no different to the two disciples heading back to their hometown of Emmaus. I would be downhearted and dismayed if not depressed. I would be puzzled and probably disillusioned. How could I face the people back home and in my town? After all, I had left and followed this man called Jesus. I had become one of His disciples. I had left my family and my work. Was I crazy? What was I thinking? My reaction would have been exactly the same as Cleopas and his travelling companion. When the disappointments of life come we are quick to forget all that we have learned. We suddenly fall in a heap and find it difficult to cope – just like these disciples. Yet these same disciples had been told exactly what would happen to Jesus. They had been forewarned and taught! Yet, in their moment of difficulty, they forgot all they were told. It took Jesus to open their eyes to see Him as the risen Christ. As soon as this happened they were new men. Let us never forget who we are in Christ and all that has been promised to us. We serve the risen Saviour who loves us like no other. Our future is secure! This is the glory of the resurrection – salvation and heaven is ours – all because of Jesus! Happy Easter dear brothers and sisters!

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