Issue #91

In my younger life I enjoyed being part of the Scouting movement. I started as a nine year old. I finished as a seventeen year old. I became a Scout Leader when living in Molong and had a great time preparing young men for the many different circumstances that life could bring. As a scout, I learned the motto ‘Be Prepared’. This motto was drummed into us. We had to be prepared for any event that came our way. We were taught how to be prepared and act in all different types of emergency. When adversity came we were trained to ‘be prepared’. I have never forgotten this preparation and the importance of being prepared.

We live in very complacent times. For us in Australia, we enjoy incredible freedom, position, wealth and a lifestyle to die for. In my humble opinion we have become soft and somewhat aloof and nonchalant as to the dangers that lurk around us. In particular, the spiritual forces that surround us. Life is good! Why worry about God? We do not need Him, do we? How quickly we forget just who this God is! How stupid we are when we forget that all we have and all that we are comes from Him! He is our Creator! He is all-powerful, all-knowing and all-seeing. Yet we desire to alienate ourselves from Him by doing what we want regardless of what He teaches and thinks.

Amos has a timely word of warning for each of us today. It is a hard hitting and sobering passage of Scripture. He says, “Prepare to meet your God!” If you know exactly who this God is then in all truth it is a frightening prospect! Israel had been warned! Israel had been warned time and time again. But they failed to listen and take action. They thought that their worship was enough to appease their God. They attended worship; they tithed and sacrificed. They even boasted about it! Sadly, their worship was considered an abomination to God! Why? Because they failed to understand that God required repentant hearts and lives that were fully devoted and aligned to Him. We are in the end times and the Day of the Lord is fast approaching. Are you prepared to meet God on His terms?