Issue #97

It is such a joy being a pastor witnessing members of the church family serving the Lord faithfully. It is particularly joyful when you see people stepping out in faith for the glory of the Lord. I witnessed this last Tuesday as our Holiday Kid’s Club Team commenced this year’s event. Serving the Lord is indeed a great honour and privilege and as we work as a team it is something very special. The study of God’s word prepares us for service. We come to church to worship the Lord and to bring Him honour. We also come to learn so as to prepare ourselves for service. It is the Lord who brings glory to Himself through our service and I have no doubt that this occurred during the week.

This coming Tuesday another team from our church family step out in faith for the glory of the Lord! Our Mainly Music Team commences a new outreach ministry to the community. They have met and prayed together over the past three or four months. They have done some training and practiced and now in dependence on the Lord step out of their comfort zones to show the love of Jesus to people He will bring to our church. I find this very exciting and ever so encouraging! Our International Congregation is really seeking to have the same heart as God who has a heart for all nations!

Our study in John’s gospel continues today. This gospel is all about Jesus, who He is and what He has come to do. It is a wonderful testimony to the Lord and provides us with a reminder of how great it is to not only know Jesus personally but to actually ‘be in Him’. He is our Lord and He is our Saviour! With Jesus our eternal future is secure. He is the Lamb of God! He is the perfect sacrifice for our sin and the sin of mankind! He was before time and He was there at creation putting creation in its place!

In today’s text we witness the commencement of His earthly ministry – He changes water into wine and causes a great commotion as He visits the temple in Jerusalem. Jesus is certainly different! He is controversial! We must be very mindful of who Jesus is and understand the significance of aligning ourselves with Him.

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