grace in mental health

grace in mental health

Grace in Mental Health is a team of guys and girls who love Jesus, and want to share the love of Christ by raising awareness for mental health. Whilst not all of us are mental health professionals, we all recognise how severely mental illness can impact someone’s life, and are eager to play our part in creating a church environment which can serve as a safe space for those struggling with mental health concerns.

Grace in Mental Health aims at fostering a culture of love and understanding towards persons affected by Mental Health concerns within Grace Church and beyond.

Caring for Loved Ones struggling with their Mental Health

We are less than 1 week away from Christmas, which is something I have been awaiting in eager anticipation for the past…51 weeks. Christmas season brings about festivities which are unrivalled by other holidays, whether it be the gatherings with family and friends, the colourful lights, the carols echoing around the malls, and most importantly, the commemoration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is no wonder the Christmas holidays is labelled as the ‘season of joy’. Unfortunately, […]

An Extension: A few more tips for engaging in mental health conversations

An extension of my previous post “7 Tips: When someone discloses about their mental health (or any challenge, really)”. Link to previous post: 8. Roll with the Resistance We all want our loved ones to feel better and improve. We might be afraid or disappointed when it seems like they are not improving. Sometimes, with the best intentions, we want this so much we end up pushing for what we want to hear, rather than listening to their reality. […]

The Comparison Trap

“Why are their lives always better than mine?” “Why can’t I be happy like everyone else?” “Why are they so much better than me at everything?” Have you ever had these thoughts and felt inferior to others in some aspect or another? When we were young, this could come in the form of comparison over simple things like the size of your ice cream compared to your sibling’s. Yet as we grow older, life become more complicated and we start […]

A picture book reading: Mum’s Jumper by Jayde Perkin

Grief is such a difficult thing… I find that I often don’t know what to say or do, and neither does the other person. With grief and loss, it often feels like there is this space and distance filled with good intention and a desire to help, but often… there are just no words. This book I was given for Christmas provides a simple and warm way of engaging with the topic of grief for both young and old. With […]

How Much Should I Give to God?

How Much Should I Give?             This is a question that many of us would like a clear answer to. How much am I expected to give back to God? Whenever this question arises, someone will often chime in “we should give everything to God because He has given us everything.” Of course, this is true, but it fails to answer the more practical intentions of the original question. Generally when people ask “how much should I give?”, they are […]

It’s Okay Not to be Okay

It’s Okay Not to be Okay. What an amazing Korean drama. So amazing that it’s the first Korean drama I’ve watched in a long time. The drama contained a deeper message on the impact of parenting and upbringing on people’s mental health, and was supported by a great cast alongside the ever-popular theme of romance. But I’m not here to review how good the Korean drama was. I’m here to share on the message stated in the title. We always […]

Gospel Math

Gospel Math Mine, Mine, Mine   The world around us says that we deserve the money we earn and that the more money we earn, the happier we will be. After all, we have worked hard for our money and it seems only fair for us to be able to enjoy the fruit of our labor. But when we work hard, we can only do so with the abilities, opportunities and health that ultimately God supplies. If God had decided […]

The Rich Man’s Math Book

  The Rich Man’s Math Book Winning the Lottery            Have you ever considered what you would do if you won the lottery? When one views the various advertisements for the lottery, it appears that the lottery promises security, contentment and joy. Yet the reality is harshly different. Studies of lottery winners have shown that after winning, many struggle with depression and anxiety, have serious family issues, occasionally go bankrupt, and in some cases commit suicide. It seems that what […]

Restoring Sabbath Rest

  Restoring Sabbath Rest (Part 3) See Part 1:Sabbath Difficulties See Part 2: Sabbath Rest Laws and Intentionality             How do we practically take the necessary rest our bodies, minds and souls require? We have already addressed both the difficulties in taking sabbath time in our culture (see here) and the importance of rest that reaches all the way down into the soul (see here). It is important to work in this order because if these elements are not properly […]

Sabbath Rest

  Deep Rest (Part 2) See Part 1: Sabbath Difficulties             Have you ever considered why God rested after creating the world in Genesis 1-2? Did God really need to rest? Had He become tired through His work as we often do? Of course, if we think about it for a moment or two, we would quickly conclude that God is an infinite and all-powerful being. Therefore, He cannot get tired like us. Then why did He rest? The answer […]

Sabbath Difficulties

Sabbath Difficulties             Why is it so difficult to take time off in our day and age? While there are exceptions, it seems that many people in the Western World find it difficult to consistently take a sabbath. Now I know some will immediately say that the sabbath was for the Jewish people and we no longer have to follow all those Old Testament regulations. But I am not talking about taking every Saturday off as the Torah describes, rather, […]

When the heaviness does not lift – My personal story of Post Natal Depression

We knew our little boy was going to be a fighter because he got through a pretty rough rollercoaster pregnancy perfectly fine – oh man was he a fighter!  Being a first-time mother I had images of cuddling my sleeping baby, giggles, cute burps and being able to watch replays of K-drama whilst he was sleeping and feeding.  Little did I know… Baby Blues or PND? The following excerpt is from an article by the Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia […]

Mental Health Care Plans

In my conversations about mental health, one of the most common questions which I have been asked is: “What should I do if I would like to see a psychologist?” It is daunting enough making the big decision to see a psychologist, let alone the thought of a long, confusing process leading up to the first consultation. However, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that the process is probably more straightforward than you first imagined. You might be even […]

Movie Review: The Circle

The Circle – Proposing a Much Better Solution             If I told you that there was a new movie coming out with Emma Watson & Tom Hanks and that was all you knew of the movie, would you be interested to watch it? This was the situation in which I found myself recently. I had enjoyed both actors in the past and thought that I could not go wrong. And I was almost correct. The dystopian movie The Circle was […]

The Gift of Going Second

Talking about mental health can be really difficult and awkward, even though we may understand the importance of breaking the stigma. I find that my internal manifestations of mental health stigma is one of my biggest barriers to talking openly about it. I constantly find myself thinking things like: ‘I should be able to cast my burdens on Christ’; ‘I don’t want to bother other people with my problems’; There are so many people who are in worse situations than […]

The Problem of Pain by CS Lewis: A Book Review

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us” – Romans 8:18 As I was trying to look into my next book to read, I concluded that I should go with a Christian book. After all, I felt dry in my faith; after going through many struggles, I began questioning God about why everything was happening to me. Why am I feeling so much pain? Why can’t I be happy? Why […]

Book Review: 7 Myths About Singleness by Sam Allberry

Sam Allberry, 7 Myths about Singleness. Wheaton: Crossway, 2019. 172pp.             Sam is a pastor, speaker, and writer with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, as well as an editor for the Gospel Coalition. He is the author of a number of books, including Is God Anti-Gay? James For You; and Why Bother with Church? He is also a writer and co-founder for the website Living Out which provides stories and Christian resources for those who are same-sex attracted. Sam has been […]

Finding True Identity

Not enough. Unimportant. Unnecessary. Unlovable. I used to think that the thoughts in my head all came from a deep place of truth inside me that God put there when he created me. Where else would these thoughts come from? However, the truth is, that the things we tell ourselves come from a lot of places: our experiences, our interpretation of those experiences and our associated feelings. We also interpret what others say to us, the way we view ourselves, […]

7 Tips: When Someone Discloses about their Mental Health (or any challenge, really)

Often, as soon as someone discloses about their mental health or something going on in their life, I feel this immediate rush of helplessness. Fear and powerlessness wash over me. Then the adrenaline kicks in and my mind starts running through a mental catalogue of previous experiences, resources, and ways I think they can solve their problem. Time speeds up, I feel like they’re waiting for my response, what do I say??… I’ve tried to put in writing a few […]

A United Front against Mental Health Stigma

Stigma is an overarching term which encapsulates the prejudicial attitudes and beliefs directed towards individuals with distinguishing characteristics. This prejudice is entrenched into different areas of the social fabric, including the characteristics of race, gender, wealth status or faith. Unfortunately, studies have shown that mental health stigma is widespread within society (Crisp, Gelder, Rix, Meltzer et al., 2000). The harsh reality is that mental health stigma is embedded even amongst environments which are most meaningful to our personal identities, including […]

My Anxiety Survival Kit – by Hannah Moore

The feeling of oncoming anxiety is…well, anxiety inducing. Symptoms and experiences vary for everyone; I personally can tell when there’s a wave of anxiety lurking deep down, getting ready to surge up. I’ll be doing a normal task but then, amidst my train of thought, a small voice will mention something unsettling. I could be thinking about my university work, or taking the dog for a walk, or getting ready to say goodnight to my family, and that pestering little […]

Book Review: ON DEATH by Timothy Keller

Timothy Keller, ON DEATH. New York: Penguin Random House Books, 2020. 97pp.             Timothy J. Keller (1950-     ) is a pastor, theologian and Christian Apologist. He is most well-known for having planted and pastored Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City and his work with City-to-City, a ministry that helps to strategically plant churches in major population centers around the world. As a New York Times best-selling author, each of his published books comes with a high level of expectation […]

God is in Control

Have you ever faced a situation where you experienced a sense of little or no control? Perhaps you have been in a situation where you had no influence over what would happen, no matter how hard you tried to change it? In the following article I will explore two important life events from personal experience and what they taught me about control. I will propose that acceptance is an effective approach in dealing with unpredictable life events, and finally linking […]

The Role of Forgiveness In Healing: Part 2

As Part 1 of this series focused on unforgiveness (, Part 2 will focus on the antithesis, with specific emphasis on the role which empathy, reconciliation and (most importantly) Christ-likeness plays in the process of forgiveness. But first, it may help to clarify a few common misconceptions: Forgiveness does not mean forgetting or avoiding the wrongdoing. We are allowed to feel righteous anger (Ephesians 4:26), as Jesus did (John 2:15-17). Forgiveness does not mean you are approving of the offender’s […]

The Role of Forgiveness In Healing: Part 1

Imagine if someone had gotten a pair of tongs and dropped hot coal onto your palms. How would you respond? A sensible response would be to immediately let go of the coal to minimise the scorching pain, and fortunately, we have a nervous system that prompts us to reflexively do so at the point of contact. In such cases, the pain is brief and we have a level of control to keep the sting within constraints. Unfortunately though, pain can […]

Grace in Mental Health Survey: What I learnt from 5 minutes of your time

On 26 April 2020, the Grace in Mental Health team distributed a survey across the International Congregation with questions addressing different aspects of mental health. There were 3 primary purposes to this survey: i) We wanted to assess the level of interest of our congregation in mental health. ii) We wanted to know what areas of mental health the congregation is interested in. iii) We wanted to learn how we can best care for those in the congregation who have […]

Embracing Anxiety amidst COVID-19

It is unbelievable how much the world has changed over the past few weeks. On February 11th, I had finalised arrangements for a July trip to New Zealand with my wife. On March 14th, we invited several friends over for fellowship and huddled up around the dining area for a lovely meal. On March 15th, I attended the same church which I have attended for the past 22 years, and had a wonderful time enjoying fellowship whilst learning about God’s […]