Sermons on Acts

Sermons on Acts

Matthew 16:16-20 & Acts 2:36-47: The Marks of a Healthy Church: # 7-8 Membership & Baptism

What is church membership? Does the Bible really command it? How should local churches understand and practice membership and baptism? These are all questions we consider as we look at the 7th and 8th marks of a healthy church – a Biblical understanding of Membership and Baptism. The reality is that these two elements are much more important than many Christians realise and the Bible has much more to say on the topic than many have ever heard. Come join…

Acts 17:16-32: 12 Marks of a Healthy Church – #5 Evangelism and #6 An Upward & Outward Focus

Christians are commanded to evangelise or share the good news of Jesus with others. But how are they supposed to do so and what does it entail? In this message, we consider several misunderstandings concerning evangelism and then the importance of having a proper upward focus toward God and His glory, before we seek to have an outward focus, toward other people and the world around us.

ACT 2:1-41: The Who, What and Why of Baptism

The practice of baptism is well-known among Christians throughout history. But although many practice it, they would often have a difficult time explaining exactly what it is and why it is important. Join us as we consider what we mean when we say Baptism is a sign, symbol and seal.

Acts 8:26-40: The Good News For All

Christians say that the gospel is good news, but what exactly is that good news? What do a set of prophecies hundreds of years before Jesus have to do with an African official’s trip to Jerusalem? More than you might think. These passages show us that the gospel brings a reorienting of one’s heart, a removal of one’s sins and a radical reversal of one’s values.